Strategic Directions

Pipe Bands Victoria (PBV)

 Strategic Directions Statement 2014-2016

Objective of strategy

To identify the priorities for PBV over the next three years and to subsequently implement an action plan to ensure the objectives of the strategy are achieved


PBV acknowledges the significant work and efforts to date, both by individuals and groups, to advance the objects of PBV

Purpose of PBV

To sustain Scottish tradition & heritage and to ensure growth and prosperity of PBV


PBV Strategic Directions Statement 2014-2016

This strategic statement encompasses a package of inter-related tasks, activities and projects identified as priority areas for the next three years

Priority 1 – Communication

To seek opportunities to establish efficient and effective communication between PBV Executive/Council and PBV Member Bands

Focus – building relationships

Priority 2 – Promotion & Marketing

To seek opportunities to raise public awareness of PBV and to attract playouts

Focus – increasing membership and securing income for member bands

Priority 3 – Learner Programs

To seek opportunities to teach the skills of highland piping and drumming

Focus – improving quality of performance