Pipe Bands Australia | Special Memo – Band & Player Engagement

9 September 2016

Pipe Bands Australia National management committee has been in discussions for some months with a number of Grade 4 and juvenile band members and tutors along with several contest promoters with the aim of increasing participation in competitions.

The discussions have centred on creation of an option for a Grade 4 selection of marches event, a separate event to the Grade 4 aggregate competition where an MSR and medley is required for competing bands and would continue to be held.

Proponents of the concept believe a separate Grade 4 selection of marches event would fill a vital but currently missing “bridging opportunity” for the development of pathways for new players being taught in community and school bands and for those bands with long-time players wishing to continue engagement within the movement.

Management committee has indicated it would favourably welcome any proposal from branches to incorporate the offering of a Grade 4 selection of marches event within an existing rule or trial rule for use at state competitions and will also consult with College.

Existing musical requirements for Grade 4 aggregate competitions would not be affected. Requirements attached to the MSR are currently being reviewed by the music principals with a report due on 31 October and any recommendations to be included in a ballot of bands scheduled for January-February.

Note: Pipe Bands Victoria has for some years now offered an “exhibition selection of marches”. Should bands desire, this could be redefined as a separate contest element in accordance with the aims and goals listed above.