Performance Information for 2015 Australian Formula One Grand Prix

Pre Recorded Music
The Grand Prix Corporation, in conjunction with the promoter, determined that the music be pre-recorded. This was kindly undertaken by the City of Melbourne Pipe Band who have previously worked with the recording studio and promoter. Thanks to the band for assisting at short notice, I believe the recording session finished at 1:30am!
A copy of this track has been emailed to band secretaries for distribution and use by our members. The quality is not great, but it has been reduced in size for ease of distribution. The quality of the actual recording for the performance is of a much higher quality and is much clearer. The music was recorded several times and has been layered over each other.
Please note the copyright of this recording remains with the City of Melbourne Pipe Band and Pipe Bands Victoria and is for use by Peter Jones Events only for the 2015 Australian Formula One Grand Prix.
The critical thing is for members to please listen to the recording, and become familiar with he order of play and transitions between tunes.
Indemnity Forms
Band Secretaries should have returned their signed indemnity forms to Ross Connolly, Secretary, Pipe Bands Victoria, or should have ALL signed forms to hand over on the day.
We have been advised each individual member MUST sign and return these forms. Band Secretaries, if not already returned to Ross, please follow up as soon as possible. Members who have not signed the form WILL NOT be allowed to perform. This is a stipulation of the Australian Grand Prix. Forms may be returned on the day, but prior would assist us with administrative matters.
Grand Prix Rehearsal – morning of 15 March
Please note a rehearsal has been arranged for the leading personnel or a senior representative of each participating band. This will take place at 8.45 AM and 10 car parking spaces have been allocated for our use at this time whilst the rehearsal takes place. The promoter has asked the Grand Prix to provide details for those attending.
Could each band participating please nominate one or two members who will be attending the rehearsal and email Ross Connolly, Secretary (preferably a mix of pipers and drummers).
Indicative times for 15 March are:
8.45 – 9.15am small group (approx. 10 senior members of bands in total) attend the Grand Prix for basic rehearsal and walk through. This is to assist with setting up  TV cameras, etc. as well as familiarise the senior players with what is happening.
11.30am Rehearsals for ANZAC Day
12.45pm Break (members to arrange their own lunch)
1.30pm Buses leave for GP*
2.45pm  GP performance
3.30pm  Buses leave from GP*
(* To be confirmed with promoter)
Pipe Bands Victoria (the VHPBA) will invoice the promoter and will disburse funds to each band. A roll call may be undertaken on the day to verify numbers are as advised so the correct payment can be made. A payment of $50 per performer is the applicable rate, and participants will gain free general admission to the Grand Prix.
Transport to Grand Prix from the Shrine
The promoter is arranging buses from the Shrine to the Grand Prix to deliver players on to the main straight area. These buses will leave the Shrine at 1.30pm. Approximate return from the Grand Prix to the Shrine will be 3.30pm. Those participants who wish to remain at the Grand Prix will need to make their own travel arrangements home.
We have arranged with the Promoter for bottled water to be available for participants.
Assembly of Massed Band at the Grand Prix
As far as we know, the band is assembling on the track as part of a parade. We will then play (for a strict 9-10 mins) while marching down the straight with the parade. We will then finish performing and leave the track. We don’t know the distance of the march only the duration of the play so this will need to be something worked out at the morning session or in advance. For example, we may have to play 3 parts standing then step off.
Because we are likely playing everything on the march, all tracks have been recorded all tracks at 80bpm. A bit slow for 3/4s for example, but a bit fast for Highland Cathedral. A happy medium.
This is what was recorded in the order of likely play but please listen to the recording to familiarise yourself with the music. 
1. Drum major command “pipes and drums, by the centre, quick march”. This, played through earpieces and trackside speakers seemed like the best way to get the band started in time with the recording.
2. Rolls into Scotland the Brave / Badge of Scotland, repeated. Then a piano/double forte 4/4 drum break
3. Rolls into Green Hills / Battle’s O’er, once.
4. 4 bar drumming intro into Highland Cathedral (drones in on 4th bar) – the first line of the massed band score. First part twice, second part once, first part twice. Just a held D at the end, cut out on the 4th beat – no high A, F, etc.
5. Long Way to the Top – this will be a cut back version of the tune. We’ll be playing to the band’s track. They will start just before the piping bit. We don’t yet know the transition. The expectation is that the entire massed bands is playing this (or at least looking like they are) on the march!
As we haven’t had a rehearsal, whilst it isn’t desirable from our point of view, the promoter and Grand Prix insisted on Long Way to the Top. Therefore, it is probable ONLY members of the City of Melbourne Pipe Band will perform, and all others will have to “mime” or “dummy” for this tune. There simply was not time to distribute music and rehearse this song.
Apologies to those who may disagree with the prerecorded music requirement, but we are mainly there on the day for looks, not sound. Prerecording was a requirement of the Promoter and the Australian Grand Prix to ensure appropriate sound levels around the entire race track and for TV transmission.
Earpieces will be provided to the lead D/M, P/M and bass drummer, but more if we require it. It has been suggested we choose a lead bass drummer who can provide a strong, loud beat. It is important all participants listen to the recording being played over the loudspeakers and even stopping playing to get back in to things if required.
We understand this will be a big day with this performance coinciding with the date of the ANZAC Rehearsal, and we thank all participating member for their time and cooperation.
Tim McLeod
President, Pipe Bands Victoria