Scottish Fling Festival & Victorian Youth Pipe Band performance

The official launch of the Scottish Community Exhibition (“Scots Wha Hae”: 15th November 2014 – May 2015)) at the Melbourne Immigration Museum will be celebrated with a Scottish Festival (“Scottish Fling”) on SUNDAY 16th NOVEMBER 2014 (11.00am – 4.00pm).

Please find attached a copy of the Scottish Fling Festival program for Sunday 16th November.

Pipe Bands Victoria is delighted to advise that the Victorian Youth Pipe Band will undertake its inaugural performance at the Immigration Museum on 16th November at 1:00pm, and we invite all members to come along and support the youth band. A number of other pipe band performances will be taking place around the City of Melbourne on the same day to promote piping and drumming to the general public.

Also attached is a copy of the Scots of Victoria coordinating Group flyer promoting the ongoing exhibition.

Both the Scottish Community Exhibition and the Scottish Fling Festival have been planned by the Scots of Victoria Coordinating Group and other volunteers from across the Scottish community in conjunction with the Melbourne immigration Museum personnel, and we congratulate them on promoting Scottish Culture to the broader Victorian community.

Scottish Fling Festival Program